Our goal
is to reduce your energy use

Collaboration –  Analysis  – Innovation – Execution

A negawatt-hour is a unit of energy saved
as a direct result of energy conservation measures,
such as reducing the use of heat or electricity’ 

Amory Lovins- Rocky Mountain Institute

Our Approach

When your designers 'start at the finish', you get a different result

Amory Lovins urges us to ‘start at the finish‘ when we design high efficiency buildings. If we make this our primary goal, the results are compelling with dramatic savings now achievable.

Targeted green solutions

Negawatt Projects are skilled in asking you the right questions to better understand your goals. Once we’ve identified your business targets and constraints we can map out appropriate renewable energy solutions to move you closer to Net Zero. Our extensive network allows us to tap into a vast amount of knowledge, experience, and new technologies, which will help drive you towards a more cost effective and sustainable future.