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Our Fields of Expertise

Energy Transition Management

Sustainability Measures

Environmentally Sustainable Design

Thermal Building Performance & Integrity 

Energy Usage assesment

EUI benchmarking 

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What we value in client relationships

              • Stakeholder engagement
              • Experience over data
              • Staff background information is vital
              • Every job is different- the details matter

Our Mission

Connect people to the right professionals and providing manageable information for all stakeholders and executives


Our team is diverse

We work on a broad range of problems with the overarching aim of reducing energy consumption to close to zero. The professionals who work with us have extensive experience in their fields and are dedicated to working with you to find the best solutions that suit each project.


Derek started his career in Secondary Education and filled in his holidays working in aquatic centres in Victoria. After owning an Outdoors business and managing a campsite for 13 years in Victoria Derek moved on to heat pump Sales in NSW and Qld. Recently Derek has been involved with aquatic centre energy system design and analysis as part of the transition of these centres off gas to heat pumps.
Energy Efficiency Consultant

Kyle studied at the University of Queensland, majoring in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. During his studies, Kyle has had experience with designing commercial energy systems, performing environmental impact assessments, process plant design, modelling heat integration and project risk management. Kyle is determined to put businesses ahead of the curve in transitioning to renewable energy by helping them realise the long-term savings and benefits they could be reaping
Mech Engineer

Tony spent 16 years as managing director of GEA Refrigeration in Australia. He has an excellent working knowledge of heat pumps and how they can be utilised in a wide range of industries. We draw on Tony's experience and expertise to assist councils and businesses in their understanding of how they can use heat pumps to their full advantage and which plant works best for them.
Our Story

It all started with a drive through Western Victoria...

At every aquatic centre we visited, the managers asked us:
How do we reduce our energy costs? Is there another way to provide heating for this centre?” These centres were running on gas and had not considered more efficient heat pumps or other technologies. 

This was the start of an investigation into what is possible: collating data and connecting like-minded people who can drive this transition forward.