Going off gas: there is a battle raging out there

The more observant of you would notice that there is quite a bit of biffo between the Federal Government and the States in Australia about the role that gas is going to be playing in a renewable economy.  To put this into simple terms, the government is saying that we are going to have a ‘gas led recovery’.

Unfortunately nobody working in councils in Australia seems to have heard this, as all we hear about from these council staff are requests to help them ‘get off gas’

Are you confused? Not sure of what to do? Well a very good starting point is to send out to your fellow staff and some Councillors a regular and healthy stream of articles that are now being published every week on the topic of gas, and where this is going to be placed in this energy transition. 

This serves two purposes: it keeps the topic front and centre, but as an added bonus, it also gets your name on these people’s desks in a friendly helpful way.  They won’t get too upset if you are trying to help them form an opinion and independent articles are a good way to do this… often. 

We have set up a page dedicated to these articles as there are some really juicy ones getting published. In a couple of days we collected some gems for you. You can read these articles HERE and we plan to keep updating this page until the councils are all on the same page. They are going off gas. And they are taking steps to do it without any regrets.

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