Lunen Recommendations

A deeper dive into the Lunen centre

This report was completed in 2018 and gives a detailed insight into what sort of efficiency performance the centre achieved, how they monitored the various elements of the centre and where there were shortcomings. 

The Lunen centre has become the benchmark for high efficiency designs that should be should be studied carefully if you are planning a new centre or just making changes to an existing centre as there is a lot to learn from it. 

And a reminder that this report has been translated from German so there are gaps in the translation and some of the text on the diagrams has not been translated. But overall, the document allows you to get a good idea of what was important and what needs closer attention. 

This is a detailed report that can confuse more than inform in the wrong hands. As such, we advise that you share this document with your team with some caution as there are some concepts in the report that can be easily taken out of context if the background is not well understood. 

Recommendations report Part 1

Recommendations report Part 2

Recommendations report Part 3