What we do

Negawatt Projects is a consultancy for sustainable solutions.
We work with clients to increase their understanding of what is possible to lower their energy usage and environmental impact. We establish baselines to assist clients to achieve their goals and quantify the impact of the measures taken. This allows them to understand what is available in the Australian market, and what is done globally. With case studies and feasibility assessments we help to build confidence and make informed decisions about new builds or renovations before commencing these projects.

What We deliver


      • Webinars
      • Seminars
      • Group Q & A Sessions
      • Stakeholder Management


      • Energy Audit
      • Thermal Audit
      • System Integrity 
      • Tender Specification
      • ESD Option Report
      • Feasibility Study


    • Case Study Reviews

    • Concept Design
    • Sustainability measure Option Reports
    • Technology and Innovation Market Review 
    • Preliminary Façade Assessment

The Negawatt projects team has a diverse set of capabilities and can tailor deliverables for your project needs. 
This allows for understanding and clear communication of findings throughout you organisation and set audiences at all times.

Before taking  action to go green everyone needs to understand what is involved, how it may work, what the possibilities are and how it may apply to their unique case.

To increase understanding of what is required to become more efficient, or even an energy transition there is a need for education. High efficiency buildings, thermal storage opportunities, new technologies, innovation and alternative energy sources are subjects that allow for countless opportunities. We understand that the conversation can become confusing to understand how it applies to your unique case, or difficult to explain to the internal and external stakeholder involved. We help define what this means for your case and provide group sessions on:

  • Energy efficiency step by step strategies
  • Energy matrix workshops
  • Aquatic centre specific on efficiency – one hour tutorials
  • Aquatic centre deep dive- full day

We have been working with councils and private businesses to analyse their energy needs to determine the best course of action for their facilities. Using reliable energy data provided by the client we can provide compelling reasons for upgrades or design changes to new systems:

  • Building standard energy usage benchmarks
  • New technology selection criteria
  • Technology solution comparison analysis
  • Aquatic centre specific energy analysis
  • Aquatic centre SEC benchmarking

There is a wealth of information available for our clients and we understand that to achieve transitions and sustainable development goals, knowledge and proof of functioning is important to convince and support your case for decision makers. To better inform stakeholders or executives our staff can assist you to source studies and data from around the world to support a case you are making or provide some insights into new technology or innovation solutions:

  • Case study compilation
  • Specific energy questions
  • Connection to research efforts

How We Achieve

Our step by step approach for cost effective performance guarantees

Step 1 - Benchmark

Before taking action to reduce energy and emissions it is critical to establish how your site is currently performing. As a rule at Negawatt Projects we use the EUI benchmark.  Benchmarking is as important for the pre-phase as it is for the end point.  To quantify what effect this measure has  on achieving  these sustainability goals Negawatt Projects makes use of EUI benchmarking, where the total energy usage of the site is calculated and includes factors such as sizes and services provided on site.

Step 2 - Improve efficiency

To improve the energy efficiency we  audit the current state of the site at the level of detail and section outlined by the client. Our team assess the current performance and value to estimate the capacity and further impact of  servicing the system. Conclusions may consider the possible replacement options or requirement for a new system available on the Australian market. Recommendations are provided and the investment and performance improvement outcomes are estimated.

Step 3 - Innovate or Replace

After efficiency measures are implemented the capacity requirements of the complete system change and the need for energy decreases with a better performing building. This step involves illustrating available technology options to replace, optimise or modify the current system/design. We consider multiple options  to show clients the available innovation or replacement opportunities. The aim is to illustrate what is available to lower your environmental impact and outline the consequences, in the short and long term, of client’s capital for each option.


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