Sometimes the small things have the greatest impact…

There is a very small swim school in Maroubra where they are setting new standards every day. This doesn't have much to do with the clients or the way the instructors deliver their message. It is happening all around them in the centre every time they open their doors and even when they are closed.

This swim school is using very little energy, as the centre was designed from the ground up to be super efficient with a very low heating and ventilation load. How low? Well around 18 times less energy is used per square metre than an older, large aquatic centre down the road.

What is missing? How can this wonder of energy savings be doing this? The primary driver of the savings is the insulation panel that have been used in the centre to prevent heat loss. And there are also double-glazed windows used throughout and the ventilation system is pretty efficient too.

This building is so impressive we are now measuring other centres up against it. In energy terms it is using around 79kWh/sqm. That equates to around $5200 per year for energy usage. And that is before they add solar PV to the roof.

Swim schools are a very simple formula. They have young people come to learn to swim. They can have squad training and they are always busy. Remove a power bill from that equation and you have just made swim school franchisees very, very happy with their investment. Why wouldn't you be happy?

Clean air, low energy costs, happy customers and repeat bookings.

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